Saturday, November 6, 2010

Love Cuts《割爱》

Yesterday was Deepavali, beside craving for the awesome Muruku I had from the SS2 night market, it was also my family day! Yes, we made our family day earlier, I'm so lazy to go out on Sunday! So yeah, we went to Pavillion KL :)) So happy weh, so long never been to my favorite mall!

Did the usual :), daddy let us out while he go round for parking, yesterday was super packed! Daddy parked at the Valet Parking. Mama and I went to Coffee Bean to get my weekend sinful treat :P Ya, I treat myself to a cup of Mocha Ice Blended from Coffee Bean every Sunday :)

So while we were there, a few really unusual thing happened.

1. If I'm not mistaken, an African dude kept staring at me and smiling at me, it was hard not to notice, I got pretty freaked out.
2. Coffee Bean smelled like garbage bin. Then, I found out why! That's because two angmohs were ransacking through the garbage bins of Coffee Bean. To have them to go to the extent of getting down and filthy, they must have lost something very important in the garbage bin! I bet they lost their jewelry or their passports! Poor thing really, I wouldn't want that to happen to me if I'm on a vacation :(

After that, went on to Food Republic to have brunch
The three of us had the entire table full of food, understandable because it was our first meal of the day at 2.30pm :(( Went for shopping for my brother's work wear at G2000 after that :) Then, stumbled upon the fashion show for the rich and famous at the concourse of Pavillion KL.

To be honest, it's really THAT grand you know. There were lots of farmilar faces and rich people at the Malaysian International Fashion Week. I went up two floors and watched the show from above. Couldn't make out what were the brands that the models were parading around with, but those dresses really took my breath away.

After that, we went to watch 'Love Cuts' at GSC Pavillion KL. This is where the image of my favorite mall got tainted. The story goes like this, I went to the concession to buy my usual popcorn which is a mixture flavors of caramel and salty. The rude female trainee who was working by the Eon Bank Card concession counter mixed caramel and Lite&Sweet for me. I told her about her error, and she tried to argue with me! I mean 'Hello? I'm the one who bought and TASTED it and then you want to argue with me?' When I asked her to change for me, she poured back in my popcorns into the place where she first scooped out my popcorns. Then guess what happened? She took the popcorns from the same place again and give it back to me! And she did all these in front of me. I got so furious I just throw away my popcorns, I have no appetite anymore.

Oh well, I have already cooled down and I won't think bout it anymore, just to make note that next time I'll not deal with this kind of people anymore. So yea, practically this post is supposed to be about the movie I watched, 'Love Cuts'. Sorry, I got carried away.

THIS light movie has a heavy message: Love and cherish the women in your life for they can be taken away from you anytime.

Forty-year-old seamstress Sissy (played by Zoe Tay) leads an ordinary life. Her daily routine is to send her two children to school before heading for her shop in Chinatown. En route, she spreads a little cheer, always generous with her smile and gracious personality.

She also has a reputation for superb craftsmanship and gets great referrals from clients.

Husband Wei Mun (Kenny Ho) is manager of a Chinese restaurant. Having migrated from Hong Kong to Singapore 20 years ago, he's disappointed with his lack of achievements in life. He blames it on his marriage and neglects his wife.
They have two children: a rebellious 15-year-old son and a lovely nine-year-old daughter.

Then Sissy discovers that she has fourth-stage breast cancer.

Sexy young model Christie (Christy Yow) pops by her store one day. That encounter soon blossoms into a life-changing friendship.

You see, Christie, the face for a global lingerie brand, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, too.

I like this movie. What seems like a humble tale shows strong impact. Its message to women everywhere is clear:

90 per cent of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no known family history, and 70 per cent have no identifiable risk factors.

Director Gerald Lee lets the crucial moments and telling silences drive home the message to viewers on what it's like to suffer from breast cancer and how it affects those around the patient.

Little Regene Lim, who plays Sissy's daughter, will tug at your heartstrings with her stifled sobs and honest dialogue. Seriously, she's so cute and understanding in the film, you will just fall for her.

Love Cuts is a good movie. Just remember to have tissues ready. And when you’re done, give the women in your life a hug and cherish them.

Below is a short trailer of the film :)

I cried so badly during and after the show, it really touched my heart, felt like hugging my mummy after that. So yeah, everyone please go and watch this film, this film made me realize a lot of things :)

Toodles xx

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