Tuesday, November 24, 2009



Just another day when I feel time passes slowly.
Human wants are unlimited.
Now.. I miss holidays.
7 days left til holiday and I'm half dead already.
I'm so tired, I come home to piles of homework and need to catch up on A2.
I think I've lost 80% of my A2 memories.

I bang the back of my left hand on the sharp edge of my cupboard.
A loud sound was heard.
And I felt an electric shock.
I think I bang my nerve end.
Then today, I can't bend my palm.
The pain got worse during Physics.
I kept massaging it and I think I got to the point where I hurt it.
Almost immediately, I felt a sharp pain.
Then the pain transferred to all the joints of my fingers excluding my thumb.
I'm currently diverting the awareness from my left hand,
It works
and the pain lessen.
Eased I believe ^^.

Photo shoot today.
Not exactly a happy thing because Norman, Kwang and Joey were absent.
PE1 is incomplete :(
And not everyone dress smart and casual.
It felt like graduation all over again.
De ja vu :)

Like modelling session
I love this picture :)

Nicer and clearer pictures are in Wen Wen's DSLR :)
Will share after I get them ^^

I think I should have no other mortal wants,
for I have memorable memories to reminisce.

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