Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday Full Throttle

It started with a text from Woman.
'Bong and I are pawning shops now, wanna come earlier?'

Supposed to meet up with them around 3.30 and camp til after MOS.
But then plan changed and I was in Pyramid from 11.40am til 6pm x.x
I have only one thing to say x.x.. KAKI PATAH.

Heart her xD


We shopped and shopped and shopped.
Had lunch at Canton Bay with the guys, all from PM2, me the only outsider :X

act OMG!

Yan feed Bong xD

Then we continued shopping, and then Ai Yan got me Kindori Ice Cream for my b'day present ♥!
Had coffee as well, else I couldn't function properly =(.

I remember Min even though I was busy hunting muahaha.


We continued shoe hunting for Yan, until our feet started yelling for mercy.
So we sat down at Baskin Robbins.
I bought Yan her Baskin Robbin as her b'day present heh.
It was lots of fun until 5pm.
Dropped Yan at the guy's hostel and I went back home to freshen up.

Met Yan and Adam around 10.40pm and we went Coco Banana.
Adam was wearing slippers :(

Say no to beer :)

Yan VS Adam



Anyway, we got on the platform after 12 and danced all night long.


Heart this pic a lot haha

Look at Yi's expression lol

It was fun. Thanks a lot woman.
Although we had plan this for quite a while, and there were changes in plan.
Well, be it MOS or Coco Banana, as long as we're having fun together, places didn't matter.

Yi kept complaining bout feet ache but he eventually gave in and got on the platform with us.
We had to leave at 2 :(.
Yan and I had pillow talk til about four something and we went to bed.
I couldn't sleep until about 6 T_T
Feetache and stomach felt weird LOL.
We got up at 9.30 and got ready.
Then we had breakfast at Kayu heh!
Dropped Yan home and I went to watch Xmas Carol.
I walked out of the cinema and ended up with two bags of purchases.

Guess that's about it, this post end here.
Rest for a while, tonight have to attend housewarming party :)

P.S I finally know how to wear fake eyelashes!

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