Friday, November 13, 2009


I woke up at two am six am eight am nine am today.
Gosh, PMS sucks a lot really.
And it's Physics paper one today, the most killer 'interesting' subject.
I should have just stayed in PB1 T_T.

While waiting for mum to finish up her gardening and landscaping bla bla bla,
I did final review with Physics,
however due to the stupid PMS AGAIN,
I TOTALLY had no mood =.="
ended up just staring into spaces.

Finally, mum was done with her landscaping and stuff by 11am.
We went for breakfast(for me) and tea(for her).
Done by 11.20 and I reached Taylor's by 11.50.
Parked at Subang Square.
I'd rather pay more to save the trouble of finding parking.

1 hour of Physics flew by.
All the time, I was seeing stars and the cramp just come and go, come and go.

Eight papers down and one more paper left,
then I'm done.
I have a feeling that Monday's paper is gonna be the bomb though.

While driving home, radio was playing 'Good Girl Gone Bad'.
That reminded me of next Friday lol!

PMS + Physics + Hot&Cold Climate sucks :(

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