Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Regret Not.

Everyone is talking about 2012. What happened if world really ends at 2012?
Will I have live my life the way I wanted? Now reminisce.
Well, I have my family, bitches, darlings, and friends. What more can I ask? A boyfriend? Laughing at the thought of it LOL. Seriously, single ladies pawn the world :)
Right yanz? Right min? I am not perfect, nobody is. I have my flaws.
But to be happy is to learn to accept the imperfection right?
Every unhappy things that happened, look at it from the other side, and we shall see the not-so-bad side of it, learn to accept that it had happened, ain't life easier that way?
Used to bottle up my feelings and be emotionless. In other words, ANTISOCIAL?
I don't find it easy to just spill out everything to people, even mum.
Consequences? I forgotten the way to smile. Lived through days with a soulless body.

Until one day, mum said 'I missed your smile.'

That instant moment, I felt a pang of guilt and my heart felt extremely sour.
Therefore, I have reverted to my happy and cheerful self :D

If 2012 were to happen, I will have my regrets. Why?
1. I haven't go for bungee jumping yet.
2. I haven't learn how to wear fake eyelashes.
3. My skin problem haven't cure yet.
4. Dada haven't recover from his anxiety problem.
5. I haven't bake the muffins I promised my brother.
6. I haven't watch New Moon.
7. I'm still NBK.
8. I haven't become rich yet.
9. I'm still far from my ambition.
10. I will miss my mum's smile.
11. I will miss all my friends.
12. I haven't perfected my bun hairdo skill.
13. I haven't had a pillow talk in a while.
14. My spine will forever be 43 degrees to the left.
15. etc etc.

Yet, I'll be thankful. Why?
1. I have great parents like dada and mama.
2. I've lived through 17 years with flawless skin.
3. I've gone into a relationship once, and am thankful for the experience.
4. I'm still keeping in touch with my high school besties :)
5. I have come to know great classmates.
6. I got to know people whose frequencies match mine, you know who you are :).
7. I have gone ski-ing.
8. I have stood outdoor with only jumper and trackbottom with a weather of 2 degree celsius.
9. I have played with the snow.
10. I have gotten Christmas presents in a sock. (I know dada put it in)
11. I got into road accidents a few times and came out alive, that taught me to treasure the present.
12. I know how to shop for ingredients in the wet market.
13. I have a WHITE car now :)
14. A slightly distorted bodyshape taught me to love myself for what I am. Well, so what if slim and curvy is beauty? That's what the media and magazine told us. The most important is how we think about ourselves. Others opinion are just like how it is, o-p-i-n-i-o-n :)

Just a random thought anyway. Anyway I invited 18 PE1-ians to my party yesterday. Turned out 21 people came heh. I was really happy and excited for the fact that PE1 is such a united class! I mean if for other classes, mostly scenarios like last minute FFK will happen. I'm so thankful that you guys didn't ffk me :). It was a waste that Mr Lai couldn't come though, but it's ok heh :). Thanks Norman, Selva, Eugene, Wei Wen and Eng Wee the drivers.
Thanks the rest for coming because I know my house isn't that near to all of you heh.

PE1 rocks :). Paintball next? Curry Mee anyone?

All the ups and downs in life are just temporary, it's just another way God train us to be stronger. So what if the heart was crushed again and again? Piece it back.
What if no one is there to piece it back for you? Do it yourself. Piece it back again and again. Tired of piecing it back? Build a shield over it. Learn to be strong.
I'm sorry to be such a meanie and self-centered person.
It's human natural instinct to want to protect themselves emotionally and physically.

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