Sunday, November 22, 2009

Balinese for dinner

It's been tiring for the past few weeks.
Time to reward self with good food.
As for tonight, dada went off for dinner and happy hour with friends.

Five of us, me, mama, junior, convey and yy went to have Balinese Food.

@Waterlily Bistro

mama having her cincau with rambutan.

Chit chat session with family is good sometimes, very comfortable heh.

so much food!

yy tasting the cincau heh.

ok not my drinks. she said.

Mama said 'give me, you all dont know how to taste.'

Stuffed to the max after that, but we are contented heh.

College tomorrow, need to have enough rest :)
Can't wait for The Great Detour xD

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