Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Today CIE dropped us a bomb.
Stats and Econs combo.
It's all so foreign, I was totally pawned :(
Well, just don't wanna think about it >.<

Happy VERY BELATED birthday to Ai Yan.

Late is better than never ^^
Can't wait for 20th of Nov, woman, I got a *nod* from mama :)
And also our 31st of Dec! CAN"T WAIT!

Man Man Card

Darlings Forever
Thanks for saving my mental self :)

Sexy and Me
I know I'm lame, accept it.

P.S Sorry people for being emo for so many days, especially Mama coz she kena a lot.
"I missed your smile" she said :X

P.P.S We PE1 finally have one :)


Yes, it's obvious I'm damn obsessed with Anthony <3

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