Saturday, March 12, 2011

what i've become.

I can't seem to find the blogging mojo in me lately, with all these law school stuffs and accommodations. I'm really getting anxious already, all the year twos have applied for their accommodation and flight tickets, I'm still waiting to apply for accommodation, and seems like my RISISWEB is different from the year twos, so ya there's nothing to do except to wait for the visiting professor to be here on the 22nd of March, I have tonnes of questions to ask her :(. If all is well, with the accommodation and also I passed my first year, I'll be taking the 2am flight preferably on the 25th of September :), Emirates of course!

Where is the BLOGGING MOJO in me? I've been so stressed up lately that there's nothing to do but intense yoga and feasting!

When one is stressed up, FOOD COMES LOH.

Jojo's Chilli Pan Mee :)

The best homemade Nasi Lemak that I always eat, now Chopstick style :)

Hash brown & Scramble Eggs for breakfast :)

Austin Chase Ice Blended Mocha :)


My childhood favourite :), sugar icing biscuit.

*sings the food song while signing off*

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