Monday, March 7, 2011

everything law ;)

Whoa, I've exactly not been blogging for an entire week :D That's a new record :) Oh well, I've just been really busy with law school. Actually, still am quite busy, what's with all the 3 assignments deadlines one after another, and also there's the Legal Aid Centre launching tomorrow, not forgetting the ongoing Law Speakers Series 2011 which happens almost every week. Ah, law doesn't rest anyway :).

Oh right, let me show you a brief insight of what has been happening with my life alright?

There was the talk on 'Marketing for Young Lawyers'
Basically, we were enlightened with how we should make ourselves marketable and employable in the future when we came into practice :)

Then, the day of the 'Legal Aid Training' came.
Two students demonstrating how a Legal Aid student volunteer interviews an outsider seeking for legal advice :)

Then, finally the second last moot for October 2010 intake :).

The most unforgettable moot, mark my word, I really learned a lot from this moot. It was worth watching, I'm glad I didn't omit from watching it.

Then there was the talk on 'International Criminal Court'. No pictures were snapped because I was so engrossed in the talk that I totally forgotten to snap a photo of Dr. Siva. An actress played the role of a Bosnian victim and portrayed to us her experience while being held captive during war crimes. It was a really heart wrenching session, and I was really into it. Then BAM! We were told that she was acting only. Nonetheless, whatever she portrayed was nothing but the truth. It was indeed very impressive.

Finally, the day of the launch of Legal Aid Centre (LAC) at Taylor's Lakeside Campus is tomorrow, the 8th of March 2011 :) The day where all the legal aid student volunteers has been waiting for :) Today, five of us, the committee members for Law Community Service Club went for the soft launch of LAC, and gotten a sneak peak of the centre, it was indeed very nice :)

Here are some pictures!
We need to be tech savvy too :D

The first thing you see when you walk into the LAC :)

Voila! It's time to sign off now, will blog about LAC after tomorrow's official launch :)!

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y--square said...

I have heard so much about Taylor. It really appear as a great Uni lately. Luck you that you are studying there.

Jolyn said...

y--square : You are right, thanks :D

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