Sunday, March 27, 2011


wondering what's my title about? Oh wells, CCC stands for Coffee Chemistry Cafe and TPKK stand for Tin Pan Kor Kor a.k.a Hong Kong dessert. These two places are both in Kota Damansara :). Where to chill on a hot Saturday afternoon? Well, I met up with some bloggers right after my gym session for tea time :). I've blogged about CCC before and it was a review slightly to the negative part :P. As for TPKK, it was my first time there :). Didn't really know what to expect :)

This is my third time in CCC, so I'll just throw all the pictures in, including from my second visit hehe.

Clockwise from left : Latte, Cappucino and Mocha



Iced Mocha


Shepherd Pie


Adjacent view of all the food we ordered


Fried Rice



Chicken and Ham Wrap


Spicy Chicken Herb Pasta

Oh well, I didn't take most of the pictures here, so I ripped them all from the people I went with hehehe :D.

As for taste-wise, apparently for the pasta it's too oily, I guess it's the sauces problem :P. I was never a fan of CCC's coffee, but they seemed to enjoy themselves very much with the coffee :). The sandwich wrap looked good too. As for the Shepherd Pie, to me it's 'yat pek yeh', means it's one lump of thing, I just can't buy the look of it. Apparently the fried rice is not bad too :). So ya, it's mixed review here, it really depends on what you order :).

After that, the gang and I walked to the TPKK for dessert :P. It wasn't that far from CCC although it was a hot weather, but oh well, don't be a bum! Walking is a very good exercise yo :D!

The menu

and then we placed our order, didn't take long for them to arrive :).

Clockwise from top left : Nata de Coco Soy Beancurd, Mixed Fruit Soy Beancurd, Durian Pancake and Sesame Balls in Ginger Soup.

Guess which one is mine :)?

I've got balls YO! and FIVE OF EM!

I heart tong yuen to the max, but five were just too much for me, I couldn't stomach the last one :P. Apparently the soy beancurd were nothing special and also, the durian pancake was too creamy. Honeymoon have better durian pancake hahaha. Well, TPKK is right opposite Snowflakes and Honeymoon is within sight from TPKK. I thought TPKK would be a new competition towards those two, guess not! Honeymoon still WIN XD.

P.S I can't imagine a life without coffee and dessert XD. Thanks H, J and S for the meet up :D.

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