Friday, March 25, 2011

sometimes, a girl has gotto let her hair down and forget all these stress.

It's been yet another hectic week, pardon me dear readers (IF there's anyone who reads my blog) for the bitchy and angry post before this, I just couldn't take it anymore and I very much regretted posting that up, but just like a chinese saying : " The water splashed, you can't take it back." So ya, I ain't deleting that post, my apologies. Despite all that flaws in a person, a person still has his/her pride, just gotta let it be :).

Oh well, this week has been all about law school, spending time with my books, gym and family, not forgetting a very good friend of mine, Miss Ai Yan who is leaving soon to India to pursue her studies :(. Gonna miss those pasar malam sessions with her, looking for purses, buying apam balik, kuih, and not forgetting those lok-lok moments!

Anyway come back to talking bout today :). After GPL in the morning, impulsively I just went and chat with Rachel, decided to go out for breakfast and lunch :). So, off we went, gang included --> Me (driver), Jack, Rachel and Grace.

Schedule for today was :

Breakfast - Restoran Silva's @SS15

Lunch - I Love Yoo! @Empire

Tea - Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop @Empire

wanted to head back to campus after that to attend the Law Society's election, was so excited because all our close friends are running for it. Just can't bear the idea of not seeing any of them not in it :). 'Smart ass' me went and took the Sri KL road back to campus, got caught in the stupid jam for an hour+ OMG. Met with the jam created by the school! Ended up in campus only around 2pm :( By then the election was over and done with. However, I'm happy that some of them got what their wanted, I truly am :).

For breakfast, I decided to bring them to Restoran Silva's because none of them tried it before, that used to be PE1 (my A-level's class) lunch spot :(. Was craving for some tom yum maggi anyway, so we headed there. However, they ran out of tom yum :(, ended up getting my dosage of caffeine only. Rachel ordered her roti canai, Grace had her Teh Si and Jack had their maggi goreng for breakfast. OH YA, SOME DRAMA HAPPENED OVER THERE. The 'ah neh'  who took our orders, somehow kept looking for reasons to come up and stand beside Rachel! That's because he could get a perfect view of Rachel's 'voluptous' figure, I feel so pissed for her :(. We were talking bout it for so long because we still feel pretty funny by that incident. After that, Rachel kept pulling her shirt up already XD.

Since I didn't get my tom yum, I decided to get some 'Ham Chin Peng' a.k.a Fried Bun :). Where better but 'I Love Yoo!' right :)? We were happy people hahaha. Rachel and Grace got their usual porridge :D, while I had some 'Ham Chin Peng' :D. I was talking bout 'Ham Chin Peng' with Jack last night, he totally cracked me up by raising the Chin Peng joke. LOL, that's because in Form 5, we learnt that there was a communist leader named CHIN PENG. XD.

Headed over to Whisk for some macaroons after that :). Three of them! TOTAL SWEET TOOTH I TELL YOU! Rachel bought 10 macaroons and they ate them all! I can't take sweet stuffs so I just sat and watch while holding my LEGENDARY LAYS STAX (Sour Cream and Onions), yep that's how I like my Lays Stax XD. 

Here are some snapshots from our small food trip :)

This, speaks for itself.

The chocolate cake that I'm dying to try :(.

This is the chocolate cake, that I'm dying to try :(!

Red Velvet, anyone :)?

No? What about some awesome carrot cake XD?

Ok la anyway we didn't eat the cakes, we came for the..


Our plate :)

More shot :D

"I'm gonna go UK and start building my own Lays Stax tower :D."

Yup, that's what I told them hahaha, because I just love all these cans of awesomeness, finally we're reunited. Oh well, just saying, I won't go back to being unhealthy again :).

That's all for now.

Dear readers, thank you for taking time to read this post :D, Ciao!

Yours truly :).

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