Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baldie no more.

Hmm, I's gots a flat tyre ze other day, and then all ze three men in my house were not available. I was feeling rather depressed and helpless, why you asked? I was supposed to let Yan and Fern ambush my car so that we can head to SS2 night market to chill :(. Then I just had to get a flat tyre on LDP :(, am always getting a flat tyre on the highway. The last time I got it, I drove all the way to SS15 and had 4 guys from PE1 to help me change the tyre, couldn't change it and had to walk all the way to the workshop to seek a mechanic.

*Sigh* This time, the tyre is brand new :( Then it just gone flat two days later :(. I was feeling so helpless, so I decided to just park under the mango tree in front of Yan's house and off we went to SS2 night market, in Fern's car. Oh well, since can't be helped, might as well go chill first only worry right? XD

Lepak in the night market from 7pm to 9pm. The longest time I ever spent in the night market, but it didn't matter :). This is the last night market session with Yan before she flies off this Sunday, gonna miss her a lot. We went to eat Lok-lok, and all the street snacks. I helped mum to buy the ingredients that she asked and then I decided to try phoning my brother, but to no avail he wasn't available, then I remember that he should be in gym because it was 8pm. Oh well, thank God, Yan's dad was available. Uncle was efficient :D! and Fern drove her car and parked RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the road haha! It was so that the headlights could shine straight at my deflated tyre :D. Uncle took about 20-30 minutes to change the flat tyre in the dark, VERY EEFICIENT!

I was so touched and grateful towards the three of them. Really don't know how to thank them, if it weren't for them, I would have been so lost :(. Anyway tyre's changed to the spare ones, and then the next day I drove to Sg. Buloh to change to a brand new one :D. No more bald tyres :)!

Oh ya, after the whole tyre changing thing, my brother called back and I was right, he was in gym. I felt so grown up hehe, because after everything was solved, I got to inform the men in my house that I'm fine and alright :D!

WOoooooooooooooooooooosh, POLKA POLKA!

Feel so bloody grown up HAHAHA. Anyway I think I'm slightly hyper right now, better sign off :). Toodles!

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