Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Black Swan

When a film won an Oscar, people would be like 'Hey! Now that's something worth watching!' and then all would be rushing to the nearby theatres to watch it :) I did the same too!

I gotta say that I'm really impressed with actors and actresses who are dedicated to their work. They are willing to do anything for the role they are portraying in the movies that they get paid for. Actors like Christian Bale who is willing to get stick thin for 'The Machinist' , America Ferrera who portray herself as an ugly overweight girl in 'Ugly Betty' and now Natalie Portman who starved herself to gain the ballerine figure and of course learnt Ballet before she acts in 'Black Swan'.

Mind you, she's really a dedicated and good actress. At this time, the theatre has 3 movies which has her as one of the actresses. Oh well, the films are 'Black Swan', 'No Strings Attached' and 'Your Highness'. In my opinion, she is a really good actress. I mean for me, I really wouldn't starve myself to be so thin like her and be so dedicated in learning ballet for that movie, oh the sacrifice one would make aye?

The theatrical release poster

This is a disturbing and mind haunting movie, not only does it take your breath away, it leaves a vivid memory in your brain, seriously, take my word for it. I watched this movie twice, first time uncut and second time cut version in the theatre :). It's like when I watch it again in the theatre for the second time, kudos to Portman's performance. I understand and discover more stuffs :). I think I better stop getting all excited about this show.

Rating : 4/5

the most inspiring and memorable catch phrase from the movie:

“I felt it – Perfect – I was perfect.”


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