Thursday, March 24, 2011

boiling point

Sometimes, I think it's not really sometimes, I think it's MOST of the time, that certain someone annoys me so much. Why the hell do you care to know bout everything? When people wants you to know, they will let you know, you don't have to go around digging gossips. Have some limit please, there's a line to everything, you don't have to go around digging about people's lives when it doesn't even concern you. 

Oh, another one. Is there a requirement somewhere in that person's handbook to be such a insensitive person and a show off? We all know how well you did, and you don't have to put up a mask, we know what you are like underneath, just stop acting all fake in front of me and then back stab me, saying I'm the fake one. Come on, let's face it, at least I show it when I clearly don't fancy you. I don't go all smiley smiley and polish your shoes.

 Where are all your manners? All those habits, we are your friends that's why we never tell you. Clearly you should know not to shake your legs and clear your throat every 2-3 minutes right? Do you have to clear your nose every 5 minutes as well? In the middle of the lecture seriously?!

I'm not kidding when I say that I learnt to be more patient and have higher tolerance now. Seriously? calling me fake when you are the fake ones?! That totally set off the button already, I won't listen to your nonsense anymore. One day I hope you stop wondering why people who used to care bout you no longer care bout you, that's because you made them this way.



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