Wednesday, December 29, 2010

and this is how we roll.

Aloha peeps, I think guilt itself really helps alot, study wise! I've been procrastinating so much in the past week that I've actually felt so guilty this week! So the result is this week is going really well and need I say, productive :D. Monday started off with university's club activity, we broke the ice with the orphans and now they opened up to us :).

Tuesday was just another day, so I studied! Ya I actually studied, then watched the premiere screening of 'The Tourist' at night. I didn't really like the movie, too cheesy for me :). I wouldn't pay to watch it though :D

Ahhhh, today am hosting a pre- new year lunch gathering for PE1 :), can't wait really :D

Just in case you have no idea about my class during A-levels :), this class consist of these group of awesome peeps yo!

drinking night at Laundry Bar, The Curve

Last day of college


Eng Wee's room

See you guys tomorrow!

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