Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i see you.

dear blog, it's almost the end of term one. which means i've already been in law school for ten weeks. i can't seem to describe or help you to understand how blessed i am to be in law school. how i've changed from the person i was, in a-levels, in high school. i am now the me in law school :). i've met lots of awesome and outstanding people in law school. well, not only law school, i found some kins from other schools here as well. this is the thing with university, you get to mix around with different people from different faculties, which branch out to many many different countries and cultures.

still remember in week one, how blessed i was to have found out that i have two other old friends from a-levels with me here in law school, and ever since then we have lunch and sit together in class. when you have a group, things go much more smoothly in law school. one have to learn about team work and cooperation, it's no more solo-ing and one man show, i may be one but i'm still alone, i cannot achieve everything.

and then, there were umpteen talks and workshops, i was exposed to many many different experience that i've never had, here in law school. we went to the parliament, we did presentation in formal clothes with judges sitting at the back, we went hiking together, we had multiple food trips, and we simply hang out and watch movies together. yes, and this was what i did with my law schoolmates. they simply love outdoor activities. there was also the colloquium on children's rights which very much opened up my eyes and made me go AHHH! and there was the UNICEF campaign which we from the community service club spent much time to promote on.

not to mention, i've met many new friends from different faculties, can't seem to tell you how nice they are. and now in week 10, i'm happy in a way that i can finally take a break from all this hectic schedule and also reflect on what had i become, what's my purpose and what i wanna achieve in 2011.

toodles, just some food for thought yo :)

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ken said...

i miss uni life.. and all those experiences back then.. hope you enjoy the life there :)

Jolyn said...

ken : thanks :D

ChristineChee said...

hiiii :D

i have to agree with u, in uni u'll meet ppl from many diff backgrounds!! :) dats one of the things i really like about uni.. and when u go to UK u'll get to meet loads of guai lou!! hahah

Jolyn said...

Li Yee : My god, you still read my blog! I'm touched! How's life in manchester :D? enjoying a lot? are you coming back during the winter break? haha i agree with everything you said, i can't wait to go there in october next year :D

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