Monday, December 27, 2010

my christmas in Singapore for 2010, my kind of almost-perfect getaway!

You can say that, me wanting to spend the last Christmas of my teenage year in Singapore with two friends and my brother, was a last minute plan :). However, it turned out to be really good and I had lots of fun, they were some of my favourite peeps because they were always up for anything :).

Pictures shall tell you how I spent my 25th and 26th over there in the land down under :)

Breakfast @Yu Kee Food House

Duck's not ready yet, so we had their breakfast set.
Who still make half boiled eggs this way? CLASSIC!

Lunch #1 @MOS Burger, Bugis Junction
Unagi Rice Burger, smaller than a fist.

Even the Yakiniku Rice Burger, standard dropped a lot.

Then, off we went to Bugis Street a.k.a Singapore's Sungei Wang.
This is in Bugis Street :)

We went to the new mall at Bugis too, it's called iluma.
Unique inverted Christmas trees in the mall.

passed by Parkview Square, one of the most expensive office buildings in Singapore.
It's as if the swan/bird/dove is flying on top of my head.

Lunch #2 @YuKee Food House
Char Siew Rice, rice texture was good, taste wise soso only.

Duck noodle, not so good though.

whee :D


Then we walked all the way to the one and only MMA shop in Singapore because the guys wanted to buy their dream shirts :D

Everything that my brother wanted were not available :(
This is him saying 'NO!'

After that, we went to Marina Bay Sands :D
More deco!


Ferrari boy :D

Dinner @McD
Double Samurai Burger, slightly bigger than a fist.
*thumb up* for this :D

Supper @Tong Sui shop along the same street as YuKee :D
Papaya, Snow Fungus, Lotus Seed and Tong Yuen :D, MINE!

Their barley, gingko and beancurd skin.

Breakfast @Bugis Junction Ground Floor.
Oyster Mee Sua and Fried Chicken.

Old Chang Kee's Fish Balls and Squid Balls.

Bak Chor Mee, not so good, lack of taste.

Another Christmas tree we saw in Vivo City.
Huge ain't it :O

Human Sandwiches man, trying to board the Sentosa Express.

We boarded the coach in Sentosa Island around 3.30pm.
Our journey lasted for about 7 hours.
It was an exhausting journey, but I had fun :)

This was how I spent my Christmas this year :), happy much!

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HenRy LeE ® said...

i think if i were to eat at MOS burger, i think i will only be full after the third burger... haha!

Jolyn said...

Pak Lee : lol tell me bout it, it's so freaking small and standard dropped!

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