Saturday, December 11, 2010

ill much

I just got back from Jayren's birthday dinner at Wong Kok, all the bloggers over there so semangat-ed to blog and take pics and stuffs, makes me suddenly feel like it's been a tad too long since I blog here. so yea, haven't really have the mood for anything, this week have been the worst week of all. things have been really hectic with uni, and I've been really busy with school stuff. worst of all, I've been sick all week :( all my money were spent on medicine. didn't really sleep well too, sigh.

I really hope things will get better though, today I have nose bleed marathon, about 5-6 times, really paise and embarassing.

oh ya, I got a Criminal Law question for my mooting next January, suckish much eh. I really hope mooting would be fun :D Next week will be the final week of term 1, also the busiest, there will be three session of tutorials, one assignment due, one presentation, and one more time of UNICEF campaigning for child abuse, I really need to buck up and hold on even though I'm a sick cat now :(

Blood sucker much, I'm bout RM100 poorer now and still sick :(

batch one

and my current batch

am still not well, FML much, but thank God I'm still alive and kicking.
Will go study and watch some movie or whatever now.
I will not go down!

P.S oh, how much i would do for a little bit of chips and tequila sunrise now. miss those times.

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