Monday, December 27, 2010

Orphanage visit to City Revival Church's Home for Boys

Hello there :), I'm back home from Singapore around 10pm last night :). It feels good to be home, although I really love to be at Singapore :). I stayed in Hotel 81, Bugis. It's a budget hotel and the room was really small, the bed was hard LOL. I had feet ache on Saturday, but body ache on Sunday LOL!

Oh well, I shall post about Singapore later, now it's time to talk about the first orphanage visit organized by the Community Service Club for Taylor's Law School that we did this morning :). Basically everyone gathered at Taylor's and we left to the orphanage by 9am. Reached there around 9.10am because it was just at USJ 5 :). There were 12 boys in the home, they were really friendly although some was a bit aggressive I shall say :S.

Pictures time :)!

The Home

We went in for a bit, talked for a while and then brought the kids to the park!

Zhe Xian patting his buddy, Ivan :)

Wen Shen waiting for his buddy, Kevin to tie his shoe laces.

Happy people heading to the park :D

Joshua and Joshua, no kidding :)

Reached the park and time to play some games yo.

First game - the name tag game
We formed a circle and started by saying our names then everyone had to repeat it, this is memory work :) Just for warming up :D

The shyest kid of the 12 boys, Adam.

Second game - the newspaper musical game
Everyone stand on a piece of newspaper with their buddy and who stood out of the paper every round will be eliminated :)
Winner was Wen Shen and Kevin :D

Third and last game - the blanket game
Team A on the left side of the blanket and Team B on the right, one has to guess who's on the other side and answer first when the blanket is brought down :).
Team B won!

After that, the guys played futsal with the kids while we arranged the individual packets of sweets to be given to each kid :).

The sweets!

Two photographers of the day :D
Me with my ciplak camera and James with his DSLR.

Never thought that I would have a chance to camwhore with swing XD

Back to the Home, distributed the packets of sweets to the kids, took some more pics (with Jame's DSLR) and then we all left around 11.10am because the kids had a schedule to follow.

Oh well, the visit was unexpectedly fun and relaxing, the kids were friendly and well-behaved :). Now that the ice was broken, I'm looking forward to more future visits to this home and the activities that the Community Service Club will hold for this City Revival Church's Home for Boys :), and maybe next time the girls from USJ11 will be able to make it :).


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