Friday, December 17, 2010

i'll not wait outside the line.

It's finally here, the three weeks break I mean. I don't actually have the mood to blog, but I figured I might as well blog since right now I'm just chilling and doing practically nothing, whoa I love this feeling! Just chilling and doing nothing, you ought to know law students don't get this chance often!

Basically, I'm just gonna outline things to achieve during this holiday :D maybe just a reminder to myself to not to go off track, you know, procrastination always get the better of me and I lose myself to the devil XD

Things to do during the 3 weeks break would be :
1. Study for Mock exams.
2. GPL Christmas Vacation work.
3. Group Reflection essay.
4. GPL Online test.
5. GPL Online Tutorial 4.
6. Read the Contract cases.

sad isn't it? ok, non academic related stuffs to do would be :
7. Shed some pounds.
8. Brainstorm for Community Service Club. Mainly events to have.
9. Be there for KX's cooking exam.
10. dim sum with my lalings.
11. seafood with PE1.
12. Read the books I borrowed!!!

Dear Taylor's Law School October 2010 Cohort, great to have spent ten weeks with you guys. Have a good holiday and to those who are travelling, be safe and see you guys soon :D

Jolyn, OUT!

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