Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Many Faces of J&J

This is one of the many faces of J&J.

Oh well, I realised I really talk a lot today.
Haven't been talking that much lately.

Decided to not skip so many classes after MIA for a few days to go home to study.
Reached college early today.
Went to the library to borrow book.
No kaki =(, sien.
Then got to know that Jyan and gang in cafe, so I went to join them.
Saw Jyan, June, Jajabings and Jelly-o.
Jajabings sprained his arm, God bless him :(
June was wrapping his arms, it reminds me of my granny making rice dumpling HEHE.
Somehow, we got to the part where Jyan was singing and I was doing the 'wave'.
Even people from The Web started looking at our tables.
I just kept waving lol.
Now, 'Do You Remember' is stucked in my head lol!

Waited for Jyan in class with Joey hardcoring on his Mechanics.
Poor fella, he lost weight again :(
Had a sushi date @Ichiban Boshi with Jyan.
Later, we went Coffee Bean and Tong Kee to tapao things for family.
Awesome free food for the two of us xD
and also the company (:

The awesome woman x)

It felt good knowing that we made each other's day
and also helped each other to destress.
Hope we will both do well for trials (:
Gambateh, woman.

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