Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yoga > Ice-Skating

Piccies doing the talking for the fawesome outing with fawesome company yesterday :)

This is the Four J's doing the Aiyann Lee :)

The Four J's :)
From left: June, Jyan, Jess and Jo(Me)

Discuss Discuss!



Woke up at 5.30am lol. Cleaned my own room.
Ice skating with Wen Wen, Lai, SP, Kwang, Petrina, Norman, Matthew, Eugene and Alan.
Being a first-timer, I didn't trip.
*Many thanks to Matthew for holding me the first part.*
*A gazillion thanks to Petrina and SP for holding my hand til the end LOL. ISUCKWHATTODO.*

Honestly, I think my bone will break if I fall down.
Can't afford to fall.
Now that I've tried ice-skating, I conclude that ice-skating is more exhausting than yoga.
Seriously, my feet damn pain.

Rushed off for tuition at 3+
As usual, my tutor really made Econs damn easy :)
and then, Yoga.
Today, there were only two students.
Me and another person.
So we did a bit of Yoga and a bit of Pilates.
Although it was tiring, I still feel ice-skating wore me out lol.

Til then

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