Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chocolate Almond Muffin

I'm sorry bloggy, I don't mean to abandon you, I know you would forgive me, because I've been just very busy, even if I have time, I spent it with my family and baking.

And I'm not gonna say how little sleep I get and how tired I am because it's a routine for all A-level-ians.

Just a post to revive my blog and let you readers know that the blog still exist :)

This is by far the ugliest muffin I've ever baked.

They have EXTREME FACE PROBLEM, but they are fragrant enough for me to ignore the looks.

Oh wells, there will be guests coming over tonight, just hoping that they won't mind bout how ugly these muffins are. Oh maybe they should eat it with their eyes closed, ya I'll definitely tell them to do that.

I found a way to help me destress, that is by baking ugly muffins, I'm sorry folks that you all gotta endure reading through this lame post.

I still can't believe I'm blogging with my phone now and talking crap, I should be studying since I've finished the chores.

These fugly muffins makes them happy :D

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Ko212ryS_Dahle0 said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical...................................................

Jolyn said...

子豪 : thank you :)!
Ko212ryS_Dahle0 : you're welcome!

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