Friday, April 9, 2010

One Lovely Friday

Wahlao. AIYANN LEE. PLEASE ah take care of your phone T_T.
Miss you much without your phone :(
Today I remembered we set 11 meet at Kelana Jaya LRT Station.
So I drove there and waited.
Then I saw Miss Jyan and Miss Jess liao.
So I fetched them both and off we go to KL!
This is my first time driving to Pavillion man.
Trial and error and we got the road correct.
BAM. Pavillion here we are :)
Two hours shopping in Pavillion. Oh well, most time were spent in Cotton On and Forever 21.
Then we jalan all the way to Lala-Wang.
I damn takut, first time in KL without family members.
Feel very insecure.
We jalan a bit in Lala-Wang and then I chao d.
Coz I remember I need to go home and keep the clothes, and also I felt insecure being there, just in KL.
Took me about an hour to get home too.
Trial and error also xD.
Quite a fruitful day la.
Jalan too much ler these few days, my feet feels weird :-/
No take piccies with them oo, KL freaked me out, didn't remember to camwhore haha.

Had fine dining with mumma @ d'Italiane'kitchen, Giza.


We both wanted to eat steak, so I suggested Bernard@ Centrepoint.
but then dada said it was too far, he doesn't allow it.
So, we changed plan and headed to this awesome place in Giza.

Drinks Counter

Smoking Area

Comfy seats in non-smoking area

Happy mumma :)

So many things to choose from,
then we both ended up NOT having steaks but SOMETHING ELSE.

Tea for TWO :)



Mine :)

Fawesome dinner. fawesome company. fawesome environment.
Everything was just too damn nice :)
The bill came up to about RM76.
Oh well, ladies need to pamper themselves too.

This is my happy mumma after meal.


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