Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fairytale ♥

*clears throat*
Can't believe I'm blogging at 5.30am lol.
I think I got used to waking up this early.
no, lol the effect wore off after the awesome lime June refilled for us yesterday.
Ok, so the last paper was Econs Paper 3, 30 objectives!
The paper was so-so, the bomb was Physics 4, well let's not talk bout it la.
Yesterday's weather was uber hot.
I think I sweated til all my clothes were wet.
Was gonna meet up with the gang at Muse at 4.
Went home to bath and have a fresh change of clothes haha.
I was really sweating like crazy!

Wooo, really had a good time with the J club.
Hearts them a lot.
Stayed til 7pm coz of curfew.
Then, Jyan, JD, Jess and I left for Starbucks and Secret Recipe!
Got home before sun down *phew*
Piccies are in woman's baby :)

Yesterday was a fairytale lol.
A total destressor after a hectic period.
Oh wells, everyone needs a break :)

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