Friday, April 30, 2010

Make me smile

Slept too late due to Physics, I still can't finish it, zzz. Woke up having headache and stomachache. Decided to skip college today.

Time to grab breakfast. I walked into the store, greeted with smiles, smiles warmed me up. I love seeing smiles. They make me feel right, that I'm at the right place in the right time. Ya I can do this alone, yes I can. All these bumpy roads in life, i can walk through them alone. I dont need anyone. The barista said 'Have a nice day'. I looked up awkwardly. Will I really be able to have a nice day? What is this that I'm feeling? Sometimes I just don't know what emotions to have anymore.

Tokio Hotel tomorrow, but I won't be there to see em.
I'm defying gravity and falling in love with their songs.

Aiyann's loving em too :)

Mine :)

I'm such a camwhore ._.

P.S Happy Birthday Fel, 爱你:)
P.P.S Wen Wen, I'm gonna stuff you with my muffins t.t

When I look at you, I really think I see forgiveness.
Thank you.

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