Friday, April 16, 2010

Coffee Kaya Muffin

Since it's the holiday (and my oven is underused), I've decided to bake something.

I was like, hmmm I like coffee and kaya, why not make a muffin with those two?
I'm selfish I know lol.
Wanted to bake these yesterday and bring it to tuition, but then tuition was postponed :(
So I baked it this morning.


Kaya Jam, Coffee Milk (I used Starbucks Mocha Milk), Self Raising Flour and Butter.

Not forgetting salt, sugar and eggs (2 or 3).

The result is...

Oh wells, these muffins only took me about 45 minutes.

According to my white mouse a.k.a mummy,
the muffin was very fragrant (due to the coffee) and texture wise it was nice :)
I guess not bad for a noobie like me huh lol.

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