Friday, February 5, 2010

Xian Ding Wei @One Utama

Since I'm going to be posting up an entry on today's 'Lou Sang' in class,
I thought of making a food post too since the photos has been idle in my folder for quite some time ><

I had my dinner in Xiang Ding Wei @One Utama some days ago.

Photos shall do the talking now.

2 types of chillis and 1 soy sauce

Dada's drink, (Cold) Mixed Fruit Tea

Mum's drink, (Hot) Rose Tea

Mine :D, Sourplum Green Tea

Appetizer, Fried Beancurd

Mixed Vege

Mum's meal, Three Cup Chicken Set Meal
This comes with condiments and a miso soup.

Dad's meal, Sacha Fried Beef Noodle

Mine, Seafood Fried Vermiceilli

Overall, Xian Ding Wei is nice for a drink and grab a bite ne le.
The food there just average, nothing to shout about >.<"

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