Friday, February 19, 2010

I spent CNY 2010 in Japan

I was at Japan from 12-18 of February.
It's some sorta heat escapade le since it's so hot over here in Malaysia.
It was snowing everywhere in Japan, climate change :(, it was even snowing in Narita, wind blew heavily and snow fell in the form of cubes.

Taking off soon. Mama was happy :)

Snacks before breakfast, I was hungry :(

I finished my breakfast :D, yes be awe now.

Nice view ain't it :)?

Landed in Kansai Airport, saw the first Starbucks :)
I bought a short Chocolate Truffle from there.

See what they give you when you customize your drinks :)? How thoughtful of them right :)

Off to Universal Studio Japan a.k.a USJ straight away.

Leaving my footstep x)

The Pink Cafe, my heaven.

Too tired hehehe

Shrek :)


Cameraman wanted me to touch the Love Stone and he kept making me laugh, evil dada.

Japanese do get married in the temple :) Awesome.

Idk what are those but they looked very kawaii neh :)

Left to right : Happiness, wealth or health?

She was at the amulet sales counter, dada said she looked like Vicki Zhao, but in the photo she doesn't :(

Left for lunch. The road was closed, why?

This was what happened. Female marathon. Number One emerged.

Went to catch Kimono show after that.

The Kimono models

Japanese Unagi Set for dinner on day three

Japanese Tempura Set for lunch on day four

It's so cold around Mt. Fuji

Reached the boiling volcano alley, sulphur fumes arising everywhere.
My sneakers were soaked :(


Thick snow o.o

Bye Bye Fuji!

Tokyo Disneyland here I am :D

Curry Popcorn anyone :)?

Mickey and Me x)

According to Li Yee, this is cinderella's mouse :)

The Ichigo cake :)
Japanese sweets are awesome, one of them is presented here.

Day Seven and it's bye bye to Japan.

We are missing home already :)

My Japanese Selection of lunch on board :)

Home sweet home, gah I miss everything here x)
Even if the crab buffet in Fuji was memorable, home is still the best.
So this summarizes up on how I spent my CNY, more pictures can be found in my Facebook page.

Goodnight peeps :)

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