Sunday, February 7, 2010


ah those eye bags of mine, they are permanent now.
and I'm so pale :(
Not to mention that, the weather these few days, just took my mood away.
I'm feeling grumpy and don't feel like socializing :(
My flu and cough is not getting any better either.
Imagine every now and then I have to take out a piece of tissue for my stupid nose.
ZZZZZZ, stupid nose!
I suck at studying for a long period of time.
Why? I get this heavy migraine and my vision goes blur.
Stars and moon start appearing everywhere I look.

Zyrtec-D and Clarinase, I'm so disappointed at the two of you!!!
These two medicines really didn't help my flu.
I'll just have to use poison to counter poison then.

Oh ya, I had ice-cream from Gelatissimo today.
Awesome pawesome! Perfect for the hot weather.

This morning, ALL the cousins brought my paternal grandmother out for dimsum breakfast at Hong Kee Dim Sum, Aman Puri, Kepong.
Oh well, was just glad that grandma was happy and she was laughing all along.

Gah, I must get well before Chinese New Year.
God, pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.

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