Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to cope with monotony in class :P?

Day in, day out, college seem like a routine.
So normally I would go find my breakfast kaki a.k.a woman.

Yay HER :)

We just minum and gossip.

I wasn't supposed to laugh >.<"

Then, when CNY just seem so near,
noone has mood to study, so everybody is doing their own thing.
Getting consumed by technology,
playing with their gadgets, doing exercises, reading books.


Shasha is lost :(

Meanwhile, my seatmates and I are just snapping away :D
*Snap Snap Snap*

Man Man and Me :D

Then he realized that I was snapping! Time to pose :)


Look at Shasha :P

tada~ a day has passed :).
Today was a good day.
Everyone just do things together.
Less than half a year away left in college and all will be off to pursue their dreams :D

Time flies ain't it :)?
Happy holiday people.

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