Saturday, February 27, 2010

A blessing

It's amazing how you can click so well with someone you have just got to know for barely two years. Our frequency matches so well, that's why I believe in how frequency brings friends together.

Our 'engagement' rings - quote Ai Yan x)


I'm just mocking.

Went for Ai Yan's party at night.
It was an awesome night, thanks much :)

Was the third to arrive and the last to leave.
It was a hot and sweaty night, nonetheless,
we did some catch up before and after the party :)
Host was tired :)

Went for a movie with the high school darlings.
Did some catch up.
Although we are not as close as before,
I'm still thankful to be able to keep in touch with them.

At night.
Surprisingly, met up with Jo at Aunt's CNY open house.


There were LOTS of people.
I've known her eversince we were twelve.
I still remember that she intro-ed me to the game of Guess Who, and she brought me along to her TapDance class.
Oh well, it amazes me that time really flies.
Thanks to our mamas, I met her.
We're not that close, but still able to chat.
Good luck in Monash :)

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