Friday, August 28, 2009


Today started out with heavy rain pouring. and my umbrella has to fail me today.
Walked under the rain alone with a faulty umbrella.
Resulted in my bottom down all wet. and then my flu worsen.
Trapped in my car. so I used that moment to listen to the sound of the pouring rain.
What i heard was the sound of peacefulness and serenity.
Listen to the pouring rain
Listen to it pour,
And with every drop of rain
You know I love you more

Walked all the way to college and went straight to class.
Today didn't skip any classes and never regret.
PE1 didn't go down during the Merdeka celebration.
We did something more productive in class.
Lunch was spent at PappaRich with Wen Wen.
because we both didn't want to go MCD or Chicken Rice.
We spent it talking about all the things that could have happen if we had both went to Singapore to do A-Levels lol.
Probably died already caused by stress lol.
After that, Wen Wen went back to college to meet up with Selvy and I went to meet with the girls because we were going to Fei's house.
Studied Physics and Maths there.
Thanks Fei, you cleared some of my doubts, really have been a big help.
Felt really good. I left her house around 4.30pm.
Didn't realize that time fled that quickly.
Went to have tea with Gek at Starbucks, Centrepoint.
Although the time was short, just one hour, but we talked bout lots of stuffs.
She kept telling me to relax, well I really hope I could but I can't.
Wasn't planning to update blog but this is for Gek's sake :)
So here ya go girl.

P.S My mum called me 'attitude problem', it was really a hurtful thing for her to say and for me to hear. Felt like being stabbed in the heart. Tears kept falling and I don't know why. Well, now it stopped already and this is not an emo post :).

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