Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nothing much today, class VERY empty :(
Wee Wee, Miao Miao, Jun Yit and Wei Wen went for GIC Scholarship Interview.

Morning breakfast was spent in Oldtown.
I had to get a dose of coffee because I don't wanna die in Physics Lab.
2 hours passed by in a flash!
Physics Theory was super AWESOME and FUN!
wanted more of it sia :(

Sir showed us a video on bridges and resonance during the last 35-45 minutes.
Very interesting, made me feel like studying bridges xD

Econs class was spent in 3.15.
Yesterday RAINED CATS AND DOGS, the classroom was flooded with water.
Had to becareful not to slip.

Everybody skipped LAN =.="
I stoned at cafeteria with Shasha, Matthew and Chua while waiting for Aiyann.
Out of nowhere, we talked back about practical during secondary school.
Everyone was enjoying the talk.
And then I went and meet Aiyann at the front gate :)

Some modeling agency set up a booth and a woman walked up to me.
She gave me this card with a smile so FAKE that is so undescribable.

'You would probably notice that not everyone is holding this card bla bla bla'
This is probably their strategy to promote themselves.

Went AC with Aiyann.
The Great Bong was nowhere to be seen.

Chew chew chew

Text text text

Bubble Tea

I Disturbed Bong :D

She made me smile :)
please ignore my food, it looked like crap

P.S Women, tomorrow we shall have breakfast! NYA NYA NYA.

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