Friday, August 7, 2009

Gone Cuckoo

Friday morning breakfast chit-chat at AC with Aiyann and Bong :)

this thing made me gone cuckoo during class =.=

Sir came in and announced that test is postponed to Monday.
Cuckoo-ness x2
I mms-ed Bong


I hate XXS size table in SAM block classes :(
Wee Wee said :' No, it didn't shrink in size, it's just that u got fatter :D. '

I sent this to Bong xD


Saw this cat sedang syok sendiri while walking back to college from Peppercorn to meet up with Lee Ai Yan and the GREAT Bong for lunch

Lunch Lunch Lunch!
Clockwise : Mc Chicken Set, Apple Pie and Fillet O Fish Ala Carte :D

P.S Peppercorn service really sucks :(, there were 9 of us and we had to sit seperate tables.
5 + 4, and just because like 2 of us not eating, she wanted us to change to a smaller table.

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