Thursday, February 17, 2011


It has been a busy week for me, and before I know it, it's FLYDAY again tomorrow. That's really quick, today is also the last day of CNY a.k.a Chap Goh Meh. For Chinese, things we do today is hang out with our close relatives/family/friends, have a romantic dinner with loved ones etc. However, I did not do any of those today, haha my family don't really celebrate Chap Goh Meh. Do you know that Chap Goh Meh is also Valentines Day on the Chinese calendar? So, today is also another day for couples to celebrate their love hahaha. As for the singles, some will go to the lake and throw oranges, that's because there is an ancient belief which says that by throwing oranges into sea, one would find a good boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife.

As it comes to this, I can't help but remember some jokes my friends made, like 'I'm gonna throw a pomelo!' or 'I'm gonna throw a watermelon!'.. I was like 'WHY?'.. The answer was bigger fruit, more chance and greater luck. Oh the greed HAHAHA. Many things happened over Valentines day and CNY for people around me. As for me, it is still the same, I'm still me, the same old Jolyn who is blessed with a good life. For this Chinese New Year, I've made a resolution to stay positive and kick the pessimistism away. I mean, life's good when I have a family that I care about, a bunch of great friends, a wonderful university and am also studying the kickass subject. Somehow, when I think like that, everything else just didn't matter anymore. Law school has been treating me fairly good, it is stressful sometimes, but if I were to choose again, it would still be law school, no regrets.

Valentines was just another Monday to me, no celebrations no romance. However, I have a bunch of friends who are single just like me :D! Therefore, we planned something on the night itself. We went to The Library @Curve. There were just seven of us, playing cards, talking and drinking. I had beers and cocktails, never liked alcohol, because I get red easily, same as my mum :(.

The drinks menu, very thick.

Me with the two ladies who feel 'single' heh.

My respect for them for their 'Long Distance Relationship' :D.

One of my CNY resolution is to be fit again and stop my unhealthy lifestyle, so far I'm working towards it :) I hope that my determination will keep me going :D

As for people who got together during Valentines day, congratulation to you both, be cute together forever :D While in the not so pretty picture, for those who splitted up during Valentines day, fret not, you just haven't met the one yet :D If the two cases I mentioned before don't apply to you ladies, then head on down to Taman Jaya lake now to throw oranges, maybe some lucky fella will pick up your oranges ;). As for the guys, good luck in picking the oranges, it's all fate :D

I'm sending some love over to you :)

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