Thursday, February 10, 2011

The memories I wish I never had.

Taiwan, the six days there and what happened after, are the memories I wish I never had.

I really shouldn't grumble too much, and now I also got to know why some people die young, because they die out of disappointment, too disappointed, I think death will find me that way too.

You know why there are old folks. I don't mean to be offensive, and I'm not speaking in general, just a specific someone, but seriously sometimes they can be so narrow-minded. I'm really broken-hearted and feeling extremely sad. I'm still standing my ground and holding up, I totally lost my respect for this particular someone after this trip. It's ok to mess with me and think ill of me when all I did was care for her, but messing with my parents and stabbing them again and again, that's unacceptable, I'm feeling very disappointed in her, no matter how much I pat my heart to try and ease the pain, I still feel as if she is plunging a knife into my major points, can't take those abusive words thrown at my parents. I know she cannot see the look of hurt in both their eyes, but I can see it.

I'm just the kind of people, who just can't care less of what people think of me, life's too short to be worrying too much. However, I really cannot take it when I see everything so clearly from the side, the look of hurt my parents displayed again and again when they got stabbed by those words and actions. The moment those vulgars came out of her mouth, that's it for me, I drew my line, I lost my respect. There's nothing left.

We are both straightforward people, and we were two happy go lucky people. We were happy.


Don't judge me and don't say I'm wrong. At this point of the time, I have had enough of judgmental people in my life and judging done on me.

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mae. said...

it's very hurtful to see our parents hurting. no doubt. dw, i won't judge! XD

Jolyn said...

Hi Mae Yee, yes I agree :), thanks!

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