Sunday, February 13, 2011

CNY house hopping with the law mates lor dang meh?

Yesterday was another fulfilling day, it's been a while since I had a fulfilling day, oh well, not since CNY.

I always allow myself to have either morning/afternoon/evening free so that I could just chill, but yesterday I was out from morning til night. Oh well, it was fun to do that once in a while :), but not all the time, pocket bleeding yo! So ya, just a brief summary of what I did yesterday. I was kind of down since I forgone the Friday night BBQ party with law mates in Lakeside because I had no transport, I was so miserable bout it I just stayed in and snuggled on the couch while watching Starworld, LIFELESS ME.

Oh right, yesterday morning I went for a beauty treatment in the morning because my skin was tortured from the Taiwan trip, it was yelling for help! So yea, after the treatment, I had 30 minutes to get to Lakeside to meet up with the CNY house hopping gang, we were gonna hop 3-4 houses. So I was like, never mind I shall go bath and meet them up, MALAYSIAN TIMING. Told Kelly bout me being late, and she was like ok, coz they were all late as well, PHEW. I went to The Curve to get tickets for last night because I had a pact with Min :). We're gonna accompany each other every Saturday night (if we can) until I fly off.

We watched 'I LOVE HK'! It was not really funny but it has moral values, really, never forget your roots, I would never ever forget my root no matter where I go too :).

So, yesterday's house hopping started from Joshua's 'Penthouse' in Subang Height, Elizabeth's 'Mansion' in Puchong and then ended with watching Junior Masterchef Australia in Jonathan's cozy crib :D. Had fun with the guys just sitting around drinking shandy and watching TV. Unfortunately, I had to leave early because had plans with Min at night.

I used Google Map to get to Joshua's 'UNLISTED' house, seriously his house cannot be found on the map. Also, Google Map to get to Elizabeth's house. Phew, who said GPS is the best :P. Enough of the ranting, time for some pictures :D

At Eliz's

The Coffee Machine I dream of having in my crib :)

Meditating space, trust me they really can meditate :S

Looks like some paper money eh? I don't know what it says tho, but no it's edible!

It is..
Some heavenly YUM YUM Iranian cookie I was treated to at Eliz's.
I would have eaten more if I wasn't in a food coma :D

Thanks to Josh, Eliz and Jon for letting us come over for CNY house hopping, we had a great time yesterday, should do this more often HAHAHA. Anyhow toodles!

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