Saturday, May 29, 2010

Soup Etiquette

Well crap, I'm supposed to be revising Economics, have been at it the whole day, and since I'm heading out for family dinner in like thiry minutes time, I would like to revive my blog for a bit.

Just like how what my title says, this entry is about how to eat/drink soup :)

At home, we either use a spoon to drink it or we just take the whole bowl up and slurp it.
The latter is more widely known as the Japanese way, whereas the former is called the Western way.

In Japan and Hong Kong, slurping soup is a sign of approval and appreciation of the cooking. But slurping is considered rude in Thailand. The Japanese drink soup by lifting the bowl to the mouth with both hands. But Koreans and Chinese use soup spoons. Thai, Indonesian, and Filipino peoples also use spoons...and Cambodians, Lao, and Hmong ONLY use spoons--no other utensils at all.

Soup also have different kinds of etiquette huh?

Apparently if the soup is thin, we call it drink soup.
Meanwhile, if it's a thick soup, then it's called eat soup.
Therefore, let me demonstrate how to eat soup :)

Step One
When the creamy soup is served, pour some black pepper in.
The amount is according to your preferences.

Step Two
When done pouring black pepper, stir the soup in moderate speed.

Step Three
'Start by placing the spoon from the side of the plate and scoop the soup up.'
N demonstrating to W how he scooped up the soup.

Step Four
Try not to drink too quickly, savour the taste, make conversation with your seatmate :)

Step Five
Don't talk too much though, the soup would be cooled already, time to finish the soup :)
Bon appetite.

Now that's what I call 'Soup Etiquette'.

So, do you slurp when you drink soup :)?

Venue : Black Canyon, Centrepoint BU.
Famous for : Western and Thai Fusion food

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