Saturday, May 8, 2010

Of Bread & Butter, Merci PE1.

Still remember walking into PE1, as clueless as ever, wondering how an A-Level class would be like, as I have spent a week in ICPU only to find out that it wasn't my course.
Day two of week two, I walked into PE1.
'Hi, guys, my name is jolyn, new student :)'
That was my first line to the whole class.
My natural instinct was 'oh great! Girls! Sit beside them!'
Then I realize it's three seats a row and I'm the fourth girl of the class.
I sat right in front, right where Matthew always sits now, behind me were Wee and Kwang. The two super helpful gentleman, who helped me alot thru the first few weeks.
Still remember Wee asking 'u can cope or not? U came in late.'
Hahaha, and then the seatings changes here and there, and I ended up becoming seat partners with Wee for a good 18 months, I will really miss sitting with him.

Looking at him constantly scribbling here and there. Him getting bullied by Chua x).
Lab partners were the girls (:, we were always the slowest to complete the experiments, as we were always quite blur and wanted precise outcome from the experiment. If it was imprecise, we would do it again even though it meant staying back for extra minutes. I remembered how Wei Wen would always go up to Mr. Chan asking 'Sir, how many s.f ah?' very wei wen's style question coz our group always asking the same question. And then, Kwang with his questions during Mr. Chan period that would totally enlighten the whole class. Then there's Joey with his usual reply of 'i'll smack you in the face!' when people call him gay. Or selvy with 'die you die!' whenever people make fun of his name.
And then semester one came and go. I got lepak mates with me during our 3 hours break. Wouldn't ever forget the things we did.
I'd never thought of doing these much things with my college mates.
And then there were the two parties at my house. Thanks for coming people, really appreciated the effort. Even though I stay so far, you guys still came to the party.
Then there was the Look Out Point visit. Awesome company, spectacular environment, priceless 'get lost find way out' experience.
The 18 months, can't say it was short, can't say it was long. All I know is, we bonded over the time. Thank you PE1, for the college memories you guys gave me :)

Will miss this scene of me and my two seatmates :)

The sunglasses team lol! Mr Lai natural poser as well.

Lab Partners xD, but Shasha turned Diva hahaha!

My uber awesome seatmate haha, idk why his expression super priceless.
Same goes to Jun Yit's lol.

Proper Pic One

Proper Pic Two

'Proper' Pic Three

Note : Shyu Fei, Devva and Wen Wen left earlier therefore they weren't in the group pictures. We shall take a full one during our prom :)

Tradition of PE1


Joey's wedgie

Thank you PE1.

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