Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hello. I'm blogging from Starbucks.
Just a quick thought. I've been camping at Starbucks since not long ago, I really like the environment, condusive for studying I'd say.
Why not library? Well, I stay quite far from college, therefore it's not favourable for me to travel to the library and study. Not to mention the parking! Taking too much of my time.
Home? I'd end up doing house chores anyway.
I've never thought that I would choose to study in Starbucks. I mean it's expensive! But, I've ended up at the right place, I just know it.

Serenity, the smell of coffee and quietness. Which Starbucks? I'd let you ponder on that (:

Now and then, there will be office boys/girls coming to grab >10 cuppas and carried them back to office under the weather of 36-38 degrees.

I'd say that when I observe them, I'm more and more determined to want to work hard and do well in the exams so I won't become like them, getting a white collar jobs just to buy coffees for their colleagues on hot sunny days. I'm not dissing their job, it's just not what I wanna do for the rest of my life.

Gotta get back to studies (: Mechanics tomorrow, good luck to me.

The most number of drinks I've had in a day :X

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